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i ♥ boys who smell good :D

Hey girls!! i'm very excited to post now because I've brought to you something cool. I've decided that the best way to share with you all the pics I want and so it won't be a bit boring is by making collages :D
so once in 2-3 days I'll post a new collage that I'll make with a lot of fashion inspiration :) I'm not sure if I'm good with it but it's really fun to make them :D
now I would like to let you post here also!! so from now on all members can post, all you have to do is to make a lovely collage using anything you want that realted to fashion.. let your mind go crazy :D it can be in any size you want. Don't forget to credit all the pics you use!

now for my first collage -

CREDITS: Vogue Italia November 2005 BY bruce weber, alice point, MISS-V, JAK&JIL

let me know what you think about my ~new~ idea :D
Tags: daily inspiration

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