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Hello :)

Hey everyone!! [well actually now that I'm writing there is nobody except me but I hope you'll join soon haha]
so well welcome to a new community about fashion and ... more fashion?
I know there are some fashion communities already [esp russian ones! lol] but there was nothing like I wanted to jjoinso I decided to open it by myself, since I felt that my personal or graphics journal weren't the right place for this :D

ok so basically I want this place to be a nice place for people who love fashion and wants to get inspired from it.
I spend a lot of my online time surfing in different fashion sites, and instead of saving all the beauty to my computer I've decided to share it also with you :D
so everything goes - street style for all around the world, news, celeb's style and etc.
I think that I'll also give you to post if some of you want...

anyways that's it. would love to see you joining and watching, I think it may be a lot of fun :)

oh yeah and if you are really nice and want to help me - post the banner at your journal please :Dwith a link to here ofcourse - fashion_bubble 

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